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Fix for Treo 600 Hangs

By | March 19, 2006

I suffered through about a month of misery of having my Treo 600 hang on me, typically while trying to place an outbound call or just seconds after receiving an inbound call. The screen would freeze for about ten seconds and either the outbound call would never go out, or the inbound call would be… Read More »

Treo 600 Sync to Evolution

By | February 6, 2005

I haven’t posted about my Treo 600 in a long time, but I finally got around to doing something I’ve meant to do for a long time – syncing my Treo to Evolution. Just over a year ago, I got my Sony Clie to sync to Evolution on Red Hat 9. Though I had already… Read More »

T-Mobile International

By | September 15, 2004

Sunday was the T-Mobile International bike race in San Francisco. Below are some thumbnail images of the photos I took with the camera on my Treo 600. The full-sized images are on another page.

Treo 650 Rumors

By | August 28, 2004

Rumors about the feature set of the Treo 650 are getting more detailed and believable. Of the features described, I find the following very enticing, albeit not enticing enough to upgrade from the Treo 600. If I didn’t already have the 600, though, I would be trying to put in an order right now. 16… Read More »

Howard’s Treo Trouble

By | July 14, 2004

Howard Rheingold wrote recently about his troubles with his Treo 600, and his even greater troubles in trying to extract reasonable customer service out of Sprint. Fortunately, I’ve run into few problems with my Treo, with none of them serious enough to require me to run the Sprint PCS customer service gauntlet. My only recent… Read More »

Treo 600 USB Drive

By | June 26, 2004

When I bought my Treo 600, I definitely planned to use it as a mobile phone, Palm OS PDA, digital camera, and MP3 player, but I didn’t imagine I might be using it as a USB drive, too. Softick Card Export II allows you to mount the SD card in the Treo as if it… Read More »

Treo 600 Software Update

By | May 16, 2004

PalmOne updates software for Treo 600 smart phone | CNET Late last week palmOne released another software update for the Treo 600. So far, it’s available for SprintPCS subscribers only. Either they care the most about us Sprintians, or they think that we will make good guinea pigs, and therefore they care the least… Read More »

New Treo 600 Review

By | May 10, 2004

A new review of the Treo 600 showed up on the O’Reilly Network site recently. This review is especially useful if you: Live in Canada Own a Treo 180 and are thinking about upgrading Want to sync your Treo to a Mac And/or are looking for a broad description, with screenshots, of the basic features… Read More »

Success BBQ

By | March 21, 2004

I’m sure Success BBQ sounded like a good name for a restaurant when they opened the place. The barbed wire fence now surrounding the entire building suggests otherwise. I took this photo with the camera on my Treo 600 while my wife was driving down the street. I’ve gotten a bit better at extracting acceptable… Read More »

Treo 600 Camera Tips

By | February 12, 2004

The first thing you need to do to learn how to get good photos from your Treo 600’s camera is to read this article at Lighting, lighting, lighting. And if you still don’t believe you can get decent photos from the camera, check out his portfolio of photos taken with it. I wouldn’t have… Read More »