Treo 650 Rumors

By | August 28, 2004

Rumors about the feature set of the Treo 650 are getting more detailed and believable. Of the features described, I find the following very enticing, albeit not enticing enough to upgrade from the Treo 600. If I didn’t already have the 600, though, I would be trying to put in an order right now.

  • 16 bit 320×320 TFT screen
  • Palm OS Garnet (version 5.4)
  • 1.3 MP Camera with digital zoom.
  • Built in video capture capability.
  • New browser that can display frames and upload files. It also has an integrated download manager.
  • Moving to the “standard” palmOne application inventory with a more robust Contacts application and Today screen.

The upgrade to Palm OS 5.4 brings better security and multimedia support, plus the infrastructure for some of these other features.

While Bluetooth support sounds great, I don’t have any other Bluetooth capable devices. It’s one of those features those that’s hard to value before you fully adopt it.

[via PDABuzz]

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