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Blog Rebirth

By | December 25, 2017

A little over two years ago I was no longer able to log in to my WordPress install. This happened around the time Dreamhost moved my MySQL databases to a new host. I don’t know if those events were connected, but two years later I finally got the motivation to dive in and fix it.… Read More »

Dude, Where Are My Feeds?

By | August 31, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I went to check my RSS and Atom feeds at Bloglines, but it was no feeds for me. Just checked again and my list of feeds was still empty. But, that was in Firefox 3. All the feeds are showing in Safari. I disabled almost all my add-ons, but still no feed love.… Read More »


By | November 6, 2005

I haven’t posted about PhoneBlogger in quite a while, but I’m thinking about updating and enhancing some of the code. A lot has happened in the audio/phone blogging world since I announced PhoneBlogger January 9, 2003, and posted the PhoneBlogger source code on SourceForge. One new buzzword is mobcasting. The Wikipedia page on mobcasting quotes… Read More »

Syndication Feed Problems

By | May 23, 2005

Sorry if anyone reading my blog through an RSS or Atom feed had problems with it during the last few weeks. I upgraded to WordPress 1.5.1 a couple of weeks ago. Everything seemed fine, but then I noticed about a week ago that I was no longer seeing my own syndication feeds in Bloglines. The… Read More »

WordPress 1.5

By | April 17, 2005

I just finished the basic part of the upgrade from WordPress 1.2.2 to 1.5. One new feature is themes. I may go through a couple different themes before I settle one, though I may also hack on Neuron, the theme I’m currently using, a bit. Overall, I like it, but there are a couple things… Read More »

Ask Jeeves for Bloglines

By | February 9, 2005

Trustic, the maker of the fantastic Bloglines service, has been acquired by AskJeeves. [Official press release] After trying out several different syndication feed readers, I settled on Bloglines many months (a year or more, even?) ago. While Bloglines offers much more than just a feed reader, I highly recommend Bloglines even if just for that.… Read More »

Devaluing Spam Comments

By | January 20, 2005

Sam Ruby has already posted a simple patch to MoinMoin that implements Google’s proposal for a new link type for the rel attribute for the HTML anchor tag. The HTML specification supports the definition of new link types, as long as the author implements a profile. Google has proposed a “nofollow” link type, which will… Read More »