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SoccerPhone 2007

By | April 11, 2007

SoccerPhone is a speech application I wrote about five years ago so I could get live updates on Major League Soccer scores whenever I was away from an Internet connection. I wrote the application in VoiceXML, JavaScript, and Python. Since SoccerPhone gathers the live data by scraping information from the HTML scoreboard page on the… Read More »

New MLS Website Broke SocerPhone

By | April 24, 2004

Two bad things happened at the MLS website this week, at least with respect to SoccerPhone (it’s a program I wrote that you can use to hear live soccer scores over the telephone). One change is pure unadulterated evil, and the other could be good or evil depending on your aesthetics. The first pure evil… Read More »

SoccerPhone for 2004

By | March 28, 2004

No, I’m not asking you to vote for SoccerPhone for President in 2004. I’m just letting anyone who cares know that SoccerPhone is working this year without me having to make any changes to the code. Fortunately, the people running the MLS website didn’t make any significant changes to the HTML code on the live… Read More »

SoccerPhone 0.3

By | August 17, 2003

I just uploaded the 0.3 release of SoccerPhone to the SourceForge project site. This is a minor release. The only changes I made were to accomodate recent changes to the live scores page. Unfortunately, they have been changing fundamental aspects of their HTML markup nearly every week. Sometimes I get lucky and their changes… Read More »

BeVocal vs. TellMe

By | June 23, 2003

While porting SoccerPhone from TellMe to BeVocal, I ran into a couple differences between the two as a development environment and a deployment environment. Porting Code from TellMe to BeVocal The porting process went pretty quickly. Fortunately, the Python CGI scripts didn’t have to change. Three cheers for standards and for application communication via XML… Read More »

SoccerPhone 0.2

By | June 16, 2003

I just published the 0.2 release of SoccerPhone to the SourceForge project site. The main two features of this release are: Support for the 2003 version of the MLS live scores page Support for BeVocal as well as TellMe as a VoiceXML gateway I had always wanted to port SoccerPhone to another VoiceXML Gateway, but… Read More »

SoccerPhone on BeVocal

By | May 11, 2003

After TellMe dropped support for free VoiceXML application extensions on their public service, I didn’t have an easy way to make SoccerPhone available to others. The only way to reach it on TellMe now is to call in with my developer ID and password. Fortunately, BeVocal allows you to make an application available without having… Read More »

TellMe Extensions Is No More

By | April 3, 2003

Bad news for my free, public SoccerPhone service, which ran as a TellMe Extension. I received the following email from TellMe today: VoiceXML Developer, Tellme has made many investments in VoiceXML over the past four years. One of these investments was in the Extensions program, with the goal of making VoiceXML a more utilized public… Read More »

SoccerPhone and MLS Website Change

By | March 9, 2003

Okay, so I’ve now updated SoccerPhone to work with the new HTML layout for the live scores page at the MLS website. The cool thing is that I only had to update a few methods in the Python CGI scripts, mostly the regular expressions that I use to locate the game time, scores, elapsed time,… Read More »