SoccerPhone 0.3

By | August 17, 2003

I just uploaded the 0.3 release of SoccerPhone to the SourceForge project site. This is a minor release. The only changes I made were to accomodate recent changes to the live scores page. Unfortunately, they have been changing fundamental aspects of their HTML markup nearly every week. Sometimes I get lucky and their changes don’t break my code, but too often they do.

While I would love it if offered an XML feed, perhaps as SportsML, I would be happy if they used CSS more extensively to separate content from presentation. Removing the presentation markup and using meaningful tags to indicate structure would make my life a lot easier. Although they do this in a couple places, in many places they are still using a class called smtext to present unrelated content as small text. Also, the table-based page structure is a nightmare to parse and to understand.

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