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Cabin Fire Photos

By | June 8, 2008

I finally got around to posting some photos from the epic cabin fire. Since I’m not keen on image crawlers indexing my photos, you’ll need to copy this into the location box on your browser after that http:// thingie. Here’s a couple samples. The first is the fire raging full on in the attic.… Read More »

That’s not the Incinolet Burning

By | May 24, 2008

There was flame and smoke at our cabin in the Tahoe National Forest early this morning, and it wasn’t from the Incinolet burning off the remains of a burrito. An electrical fire in the wall upstairs resulted in about 2/3 of the cabin suffering major damage. The new part of the cabin didn’t burn, but… Read More »


By | August 23, 2005

Forget seafood, eat riverfood. My brother-in-law and I caught these two brook trout (and a couple other brook and brown trout we released) in the South Yuba River a couple hundred yards from our cabin this past June. They made a fine dinner that night for my wife and me. The South Yuba is stocked… Read More »

Feel the Burn

By | June 20, 2004

One of the most popular things on my website is my two-part pictorial essay describing and depicting in glorious detail the magical wonders of the Incinolet incinerating toilet at my cabin. However, I had left a major gap in the story. Sure, I included lots of photos from a charming Incinolet marketing brochure. Sure, I… Read More »

Day 3 of Cabin Ownership and Occupation

By | October 7, 2002

Today, I encountered the sultry enchantress called Lola Montez on foot. It’s not the same as upon my faithful aluminum steed, but that will have to wait. Lola was relatively clear, but she had an algae coated mucky bottom. As I had feared, yesterday I ended my bike climb (or more accurately, bike drag) only… Read More »

Day 1 of Cabin Ownership and Occupation

By | October 5, 2002

October 5, 2002, for the record. C, S, and J met me at the house. Actually, I barely caught them before they headed out to Donner Lake to catch trout for dinner. Next time, I get up at the right time, I don’t screw around packing things at the last minute, and I get lunch… Read More »

First Tahoe Cabin Post

By | October 5, 2002

One minor problem with weblog categories is that sometimes you want to have a relatively long introduction, i.e., more than just the one or two line description at the top of this page. The obvious thing to do is to provide an informative introduction in the first post (unlike this post, which so far has… Read More »