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Removing PDF Metadata

By | August 25, 2019

When you export a PDF from Google Slides, metadata for the “Creator” attribute will be set to “Google”. In the Mac Finder, selecting Get Info on the file will show this attribute under More Info, along with a link to the original presentation. This can be handy for you but maybe not something you want… Read More »

No Windows in Evernote

By | December 26, 2017

I recently stumbled upon a fix for a very annoying Evernote issue that caused no windows to display, not even the Preferences window. Hopefully, my solution below helps someone else. After changing my password on a work laptop running Sierra, I finally rebooted after about 10 days. After a long series of prompts indicating different… Read More »

O’Reilly Media Wishlist

By | February 10, 2011

Programming Scala The Ruby Programming Language Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition Data Mashups in R Great R: Level 1 Hands-on Cassandra JavaScript: The Good Parts Complete Web Monitoring Scaling MongoDB

Skype Chat Spam

By | October 27, 2008

Just got malware spam in a Skype chat claiming that “Security Center has detected malware on your computer” with the affected software listed being all the recent Windows flavors. It assures me that my “system IS affected, download the patch from the address below …” That would be, of course, my OS X system. Best… Read More »

Security error accessing url

By | April 26, 2008

Adobe recently rolled out a patch to Flash Player 9 to mitigate some bad security vulnerabilities (my favorite Flash vulnerability was hilariously described at Matasano Chargen). One of our Flash apps at work suffered collateral damage from the update. If you get the message “Security error accessing url” after applying the April 8 Flash Player… Read More »

2008 MySQL Conference

By | April 14, 2008

I’ll be at the 2008 MySQL Conference the next three days. If any of the three or so of you that read these posts will be there, let me know and I would love to meet up down in Santa Clara. Even better, I’d love to carpool with someone from Oakland to Santa Clara. Besides… Read More »

LCD Segments of Death

By | April 5, 2008

Just over an hour into my bike ride today while I was slogging up a steep hill, my Polar CS200 heart rate monitor rebooted. The screen went blank, a few cryptic symbols appeared on the display, and then the display filled with a union of all possible characters and symbols that it ever displays. And… Read More »


By | January 20, 2008

I recently got an invite for Pownce, which lets you send brief messages to selected groups of friends, similarly to, but arguably better than, Jaiku and Twitter, but also makes it easy to send files and events. Another big positive for me is that it is written in Python using Django. Which is probably a… Read More »

Win XP Virtual Machine with Fedora 7 and KVM

By | September 28, 2007

I’ve been completely Microsoft Windows free at home once again for quite a while since the death of yet another hard drive in a Dell computer with a pre-installed copy of Windows XP Home. This time it was a Dell Inspiron 8600 laptop. There have been a couple of times over the last few months… Read More »

Book Review – Hackers & Painters

By | July 18, 2007

I wrote this review nearly three years ago, but never pulled the trigger to publish it to my blog. Maybe because it seems half written. I don’t think I’m going to ever go back to it, so what the heck. Having skimmed part of the eponymous essay and having enjoyed other essays by Paul Graham,… Read More »