By | January 20, 2008

I recently got an invite for Pownce, which lets you send brief messages to selected groups of friends, similarly to, but arguably better than, Jaiku and Twitter, but also makes it easy to send files and events. Another big positive for me is that it is written in Python using Django. Which is probably a stupid reason for liking something that I almost certainly won’t be hacking on. But then I’ve preferred other things in the past for far more specious reasons. Like blue M&Ms. It’s not like the coating tastes any different just because it reflects radiation with wavelengths primarily at the blue end of the visual spectrum.

When I last updated WordPress I added a plug-in to display my pownces, though they’re also accessible at my Pownce page. I’ve got about 15 Pownce invites left, so let me know if you want one. The only thing I ask is that you periodically post messages like “Wow, that Robert is just so dreamy. And humble. And he can beat up Chuck Norris.”

3 thoughts on “Pownce

  1. Sarah

    damn, but that robert IS just so dreamy!

    saw your note on ray’s site and wanted to stop by to say hello. -s


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