All Hail The Trappist

By | January 21, 2008

A fantastic new bar has opened in the Old Oakland section of downtown Oakland. The Trappist has an absolutely amazing selection of Belgian beers. I went there last Friday and again tonight. Friday I had a Gouden Carolus Carolus D’Or Grand Cru and a Christoffel Bokbier, both on tap. Tonight I had a Rochefort 8 from a bottle. Not quite as amazing as the Rochefort 10 I had in Bruges (and of which I brought back a bottle from that trip), but still deeply, deeply satisfying.

The interior of the Trappist is almost perfect, though it would be nice if it were a little larger on crowded nights. The old brickwork walls, Belgian and Dutch posters, wood paneling and all the bottles definitely remind me of the better Belgian pubs we visited. The atmosphere is great and the people working there are knowledgeable and friendly.

On top of having a great selection of Belgian and Dutch beers on tap, The Trappist also has several US brewed Belgian-style beers. Then, of course, there’s the huge selection of bottled Belgian, Dutch, and US brewed Belgian-style ales, lambics, and geuezes that are listed in a nicely bound book with plenty of detail on each beer. Of course, they also have an extensive selection of glassware (chalices, tulips, goblets, etc.) for serving each beer in the glass best suited to enhancing its aroma, appearance and flavor.

2 thoughts on “All Hail The Trappist

  1. JohnB

    Ahh! Memories of Bruges – thanks!

    Slogging from the train station with full packs, Suzanne annoying stopped to read a poster about a “bier et fromage” festival. We showed up and were the only non-Dutch there – they treated us very well: the trappists gave us the special glass and some random guy invites us to stay with their family. Very sweet time! (actually, we didn’t keep the glass or stay the night but the offer was wonderful in itself)

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