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SIP Security

By | October 4, 2008

The main security blog I read is Matasano Chargen, which is educational and amusing. Today Wes Brown posted a basic intro to SIP and SIP security issues in the context of a story about Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi and Bowser. Fear the turtle.

Truth in Caller ID Act of 2007

By | July 2, 2007

Since I’ve posted several times before about spoofing the caller ID for a phone call, you might think I would be interested in the Truth in Caller ID Act of 2007 that was recently introduced in the US Senate. And you would be correct. Originally introduced in the House as H.R. Bill 251 and passed… Read More »

More on Caller ID

By | March 4, 2006

This week an AP originated article appeared in the Oakland Tribune on caller ID spoofing. My previous post on caller ID spoofing generated quite a few comments, including a lot of email requests for the source code or for me to provide it as a paid service. Just to cut short further requests, I have… Read More »

Yahoo VoIP

By | August 22, 2005

Each week, more and more companies are jumping on the VoIP train. The next major company like to debut a new, integrated VoIP service is Yahoo. I just learned that Yahoo bought Dialpad back in June, and that acquisition certainly gives them a big headstart on integrating VoIP with their Yahoo Messenger client. My friend… Read More »

VoIP Regulation

By | October 21, 2004

FCC Chairman Michael Powell continues to behave in a startling reasonable way when he announced that he will seek federal control over VoIP regulation. The IP telephony industry is definitely taking off and I think it would be a shame if the small, innovative companies that have jump started the whole thing were to get… Read More »

VoIP on the Cheap

By | October 10, 2004

VoIP Market Leaders Declare a Price War – The recent drops in monthly rates for AT&T CallVantage, Vonage, and Broadvox Direct suggest that the consumer VoIP market is heating up and that these companies all expect adoption rates to take off at a much quicker pace soon. When the inflection point occurs, you don’t… Read More »

Skype on Linux

By | June 26, 2004

Ever since I posted about Skype and my desire for Skyper Limited to release a Linux client, I have averaged about six hits a day from people searching on some search engine for some variant of “skype+linux” and clicking through to my site. Sorry I didn’t have much insight to offer back then. However, Skyper… Read More »

eBIG Show

By | May 27, 2004

I saw quite a few cool things today at the eBIG FutureTech and Gadget Show. My friend Ed from TeleVoce was there showing off a prototype of the TeleVoce Duetto. The Duetto is a special cordless phone that can take both VoIP calls through a connected computer and regular PSTN calls. One cool feature of… Read More »

eBIG FutureTech & Gadget Show

By | May 26, 2004

Tomorrow is the East Bay IT Group’s (eBIG) FutureTech and Gadget Show from noon to 7 pm at the Carr America Conference Center in Pleasanton. I joined eBIG about a month ago and I definitely plan to be at the show. A friend of mine (and fellow San Jose Earthquakes fan) will be there from… Read More »

Covad to Offer VoIP Service

By | February 9, 2004

Covad Announces Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Deployment Plans Just after commenting that I haven’t been motivated enough to try out a VoIP service provider as a wireline home phone option, I learn that my DSL provider, Covad, plans to roll out VoIP service for businesses and consumers later this year. Since this service probably… Read More »