eBIG FutureTech & Gadget Show

By | May 26, 2004

Tomorrow is the East Bay IT Group’s (eBIG) FutureTech and Gadget Show from noon to 7 pm at the Carr America Conference Center in Pleasanton. I joined eBIG about a month ago and I definitely plan to be at the show.

A friend of mine (and fellow San Jose Earthquakes fan) will be there from TeleVoce showing off their upcoming cordless VoIP phone.

If you live in the East Bay and work in high tech, you owe it to yourself to check out eBIG. They have a lot of a great special interest groups (such as Java, Software Architecture, Start Ups/VC, User Experience, etc.) Although I can’t credit networking via eBIG with helping me find my new job, it did give me the chance to have a very interesting conversation with Bruce Eckel on Java, Python, and unit testing.

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