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By | May 25, 2004

Yahoo! News – CA Charges Into Open Source

Computer Associates has always struck me as being the least interesting of all the really large software factories. They build (though more often, deliver through an acquisition) boring software for running core software at other behemoths. The only interesting thing about CA over the last few years has been speculation as to which of their executives would be next in line to be accused or convicted of fraud or some other misdeed.

Then, out of nowhere, they open source the Ingres database, they donate their KGEM kernel event management code to Linux, and they deliver an open source document management system on top of Plone. Plone is an open source content management system, built on Zope, an open source application server, which was developed with Python, and open source programming language.

Amazing. CA was about the last company I would expect to pull this off. I guess I have to start paying more attention to their technical than their financial activities.

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