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By | July 9, 2008

Maybe this is the year I finally buy a cyclo-cross bike and experience the gut wrenching thrill of shouldering my bike up a steep, muddy hill, bouncing down trails through the trees, and then afterward drinking Belgian beers and eating grilled sausages with the people who lapped me repeatedly. The July issue of Wired has… Read More »

5.6 in North San Jose

By | October 30, 2007

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake just north of San Jose a few minutes ago. We didn’t feel much at our house in Oakland, though the water in a water cooler sloshed softly back and forth for nearly twenty seconds. My wife’s sister in Modesto said it shook their whole house and that it was… Read More »

The Quakes Keep Coming

By | August 15, 2007

I happened to be standing in the bedroom doorway when this last quake just hit. Not that I needed to be there, though, as this was one of the weakest of the five or so noticeable tremors we’ve had in the last year. This one was centered in the same location as the last. The… Read More »


By | July 20, 2007

Although there is a lot going on with the San Jose Earthquakes, there was also some moving and shaking nearby my house early this morning. After a little flurry of quakes in December, 2006, all has been quiet on the Western Front. Last night at 4:42 a.m., though, we got a pretty good jolt. I… Read More »

Earthquake #3

By | December 23, 2006

Ok, this is getting tedious. It looks like I need to investigate writing some code to automate writing the inital part of these earthquake posts. At 9:21 this morning we had a 3.5 magnitude earthquake at almost the exact same location as yesterday evening’s quake. I was still lying in bed when this one hit.… Read More »

Earthquake #2

By | December 23, 2006

Just two days after our 3.7 temblor, another earthquake just struck tonight at 10:50 pm. This one felt a little weaker at our house, but it had more of a rumbling, rolling character. It seemed to last just over one second, with one loud thump followed quickly by several thumps of diminishing amplitude. It was… Read More »


By | December 20, 2006

Not a huge quake, but it was pretty close to us. The preliminary USGS report says it was a 3.7 at 7:12 pm 2 miles ESE of Berkeley. The epicenter was very close to the Claremont hotel in Oakland. I felt a couple of thumps over about 2 seconds. There was one relatively strong thump… Read More »