5.6 in North San Jose

By | October 30, 2007

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake just north of San Jose a few minutes ago. We didn’t feel much at our house in Oakland, though the water in a water cooler sloshed softly back and forth for nearly twenty seconds. My wife’s sister in Modesto said it shook their whole house and that it was the strongest earthquake she has ever felt. She hasn’t yet gotten hold of her daughter in Santa Cruz. The epicenter would be roughly in the center of a triangle formed by Oakland, Modesto, and Santa Cruz.

2 thoughts on “5.6 in North San Jose

  1. Suzu

    I felt it right now… it was pretty strong here in San Jose, since it was a few miles from here.

    Pretty scary.

  2. Jim Andrews

    We just fealt the earthquake in Modesto, California, about 8:15 (I forgot to look at the exact time, was on the phone with my uncle and forgot to check the time). I was sitting at the dining room table, and felt the floor shake. My chair was rocking back and forth … My dad was sitting in his wheelchair at the table and felt the floor shake too!

    This earthquake was not as strong as the one in 1989, which caused major damage in San Francisco, and shook our whole apartment!!

    — vja4Him


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