Up with Vinyl

By | October 29, 2007

An article on the comeback of vinyl records at Wired linked to from Slashdot suggests that KALX was wise to release a double 7″ compilation as one of the fundraiser gifts for donors (just a $25 add-on to one of the other packages). The 7″ was pressed by Pirates Press in San Francisco. The actual manufacturing is done in the Czech Republic, but Pirates Press provides lots of great services for bands or organizations that want high quality labels, jackets, etc. for their records.

We still own a thousand or so LPs and KALX owns tens of thousands. Many tens of thousands. Although I do love wandering the aisles of a high quality book store while browsing for interesting titles, browsing through the LPs in a collection like KALX’s ranks pretty high,too. Browsing packaged CDs just isn’t the same.

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