2007 KALX Fundraiser

By | October 28, 2007

KALX 2007 t-shirt logo

KALX started their 45th anniversary fundraiser last Friday, so call early and often to donate money to the best radio station in the world.

This year KALX has an even more awesome gift than usual. The temporary tattoos are very cool, but I’m talking about the double 45 RPM 7″ (for most of those of you under 40, this is a good time to become acquainted with historical music technologies) with live recordings in the KALX studios or in Sproul Plaza by the Talking Heads, Mark Gardener (from Ride), Dengue Fever, and Supersystem. This is your only way to get a copy of this classic 1978 recording of the Talking Heads playing Stay Hungry.

Draft cover art for KALX 2007 double 7 inch compilation

Full Disclosure: I’m married to the general manager of KALX. But I’m still an impartial observer.

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