Earthquake #2

By | December 23, 2006

Just two days after our 3.7 temblor, another earthquake just struck tonight at 10:50 pm. This one felt a little weaker at our house, but it had more of a rumbling, rolling character. It seemed to last just over one second, with one loud thump followed quickly by several thumps of diminishing amplitude.

It was also a 3.7 according to the USGS. When I first went to the page for tonight’s it was listed as a 3.6, but when I refreshed the page it had changed to a 3.7 after review by a seismologist. This quake was also 2 miles ESE of Berkeley, but it was 6.2 miles deep instead of 5.6 miles deep.
Let’s hope the North Hayward fault is just letting off a little stress, and not warming up for the big one.

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