Feel the Burn

By | June 20, 2004

One of the most popular things on my website is my two-part pictorial essay describing and depicting in glorious detail the magical wonders of the Incinolet incinerating toilet at my cabin. However, I had left a major gap in the story. Sure, I included lots of photos from a charming Incinolet marketing brochure. Sure, I included lots of photos of the actual incinerator toilet at my cabin. But, did I provide my inquisitive readers with a photo of the toilet in action?

No, I did not, and for that transgression I deeply apologize and plead for your forgiveness. Without further ado, flame on!

incinerating toilet in action with flames exposed

And, yes, that is a genuine, authentic, antique (maybe) chamber pot next to the throne of fire.

6 thoughts on “Feel the Burn

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  2. Viktoria

    Well, you are the top google on Incinolet… tell me, are you still happy with it and exactly how expensive to do urine?

  3. Robert Post author

    My wife and I sold our half share of the cabin to our co-owners after the cabin caught fire and partially burned down. The ignition point was at the far opposite end of the house, so the Incinolet was innocent in this fire. The fire marshall suspected a short in the wiring in an exterior wall.

    But, our co-owners still have it installed in the cabin. It got a bit of external smoke damage, but it was okay. Even though it is an incinerating toilet, the small amount of smoke it naturally generates is vented through the exhaust. Also, we were a bit concerned about the wiring due to the intense, extended heat from the house fire, but it was fine.

    Urine is a problem, because the interior takes a little while to warm up. When you drop some urine in there, it soaks any existing ashes and makes a bit of a mess. By the time the interior heats up, you’ve got a slurry of ashes. Also, it just seems expensive to use a full burn cycle to evaporate some urine. So, we always used the chamber pot or just went outside into the woods. There are a couple of heavily wooded and unoccupied acres next to the cabin, so that wasn’t a problem. The chamber pot got a lot of use at night when there was 10+ feet of snow on the ground.

  4. Jane

    We have an Incinolet in our cabin in Maine because we cannot flush into the ocean any more.
    My husband installed it in 1992 and it works great. He does the minor repairs on it, like replace and clean the fan, replaced the thermostat once, and other maintenance. Its only used for 5 or 6 months, but has done its job. No smell indoors, though you can smell the ‘deposits’ burning if you walk by our cabin. We have no neighbours, so thats not a problem.
    To keep guests from burning things that should not be put into it, we have a sign on the lid which says “Do not place anything into this that you have not Eaten First!”.


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