Treo 600 USB Drive

By | June 26, 2004

When I bought my Treo 600, I definitely planned to use it as a mobile phone, Palm OS PDA, digital camera, and MP3 player, but I didn’t imagine I might be using it as a USB drive, too. Softick Card Export II allows you to mount the SD card in the Treo as if it were a USB drive. While you could always pop the card out, put it in an SD card reader, and connect the card reader to a USB port, it certainly is a lot easier to just connect the Treo using the USB sync cable you already have.

Right now, they claim support only for Windows 200/XP/Me, but they are working on OS X and Linux support. You don’t have to install any software on the desktop machine, but their software needs to know how to talk to the USB drivers for each OS. Hopefully, it won’t take them too long to sort out any minor differences in how the app needs to respond when talking to a Linux or OS X box. The beta version of Card Export II currently costs $15.

4 thoughts on “Treo 600 USB Drive

  1. oz

    just found out the same. but since being more a mac than win user- is there any app alike out there for macs?

  2. Robert

    Their website claims that “Mac OS X/Linux support is under development”, so hopefully they will follow through on that claim. I use Fedora Linux on my desktop and my wife’s PowerBook is running Mac OS X, so I would benefit from support for both of those OSs.

    A somehwat less convenient option is to buy an SD card reader. I just bought one, but haven’t had time to try it on the PowerBook, yet. When I do, I will post the results to my blog.


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