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WordPress Trackback Spam

By | January 7, 2005

If it’s not one kind of spam, it’s another. A mouth breather recently figured out to spam WordPress-powered blogs via the trackback mechanism. The first spam trackback I got was a bunch of pseudo-random letters. The next ten or so were nasty porn spam. I had to temporarily rename the trackback script to stop the… Read More »

WordPress 1.2.2

By | January 2, 2005

WordPress 1.2.2 was released in mid-December and includes a couple of important PHP-related security fixes, so everyone should upgrade, especially with the santy worm going around. I upgraded tonight, and it was a pretty easy process: Download and Prep New Version While connected to the root dir of the website via ssh, download the newest… Read More »

Fighting Spam Comments on WordPress

By | November 3, 2004

After many months of getting no more then a handful of spam comments per day on this blog, last week I started getting 50-100 spam comments a day. While almost all of them were caught by WordPress and put into the comment moderation queue, I was wasting a lot of time each day deleting them… Read More »

Fighting Spam Comments with MT

By | October 19, 2004

Even though I migrated from Movable Type to WordPress quite a while ago, I still planned to post some tips on fighting spam comments on a Movable Type blog. Well, no need for me to write that article, because Elise has already done a far better job than I would have done. If you use… Read More »

Blogger Dinner in Berkeley

By | July 20, 2004

If you’re going to be around Berkeley this Friday night and are into the blogging scene, you should sign up for the blogger dinner at Pyramid Brewery. The event is part of BlogOn 2004, which will be held at Cal later this week. In case you’re going to be there, I’ll be the person looking… Read More »

Switch to WordPress

By | May 20, 2004

I decided to make the switch from Movable Type to WordPress. I’m really happy with what I’ve seen of WP so far. There’s still plenty of clean-up work to do on my blog, but I went ahead and started redirecting the main index.html page and all the individual archive pages from my old blog to… Read More »


By | May 18, 2004

In the continuing fallout from the Movable Type 3.0 licensing debacle, I decided to tryout WordPress. My original list also included Blosxom and PyBlosxom, which I might also try out. So far, so good. I wrote up my notes for installing WordPress on a DreamHost hosted website. I have a test blog up and running,… Read More »

MT 3.0 License Update

By | May 16, 2004

Should I stay or should I go? Six Apart updated and clarified the license for Movable Type 3.0. The most important update for me was the removal of the single CPU limit. It appears that they accidentally forgot to delete that restriction when they copied the text from someone else’s software license. The most important… Read More »

Movable Hype 3.0

By | May 14, 2004

I’m really surprised by how much Six Apart is planning to charge for Movable Type 3.0, especially when you consider that the only significant new feature (comment management) is offset by new limitations on the number of authors, blogs, and CPUs (UpdateSix Apart has removed the CPU limit from the license, claiming it was a… Read More »

By | April 27, 2004

There’s a new audioblogging service in town, although is currently only in beta. So far, the service supports MovableType, TypePad, Blogger, and LiveJournal blogs. One cool aspect of is that in addition to audioblogging by phone, you can audioblog from any computer with a microphone and a Flash-enabled web browser. Also, it looks… Read More »