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By | February 9, 2005

Trustic, the maker of the fantastic Bloglines service, has been acquired by AskJeeves. [Official press release] After trying out several different syndication feed readers, I settled on Bloglines many months (a year or more, even?) ago. While Bloglines offers much more than just a feed reader, I highly recommend Bloglines even if just for that.

The Bloglines news reader is great for me, since I read my news feeds from several different computers. By keeping tracking of everything through an online service, I don’t have to manually synchronize what I have or haven’t read. They also offer a lot of great tools for developers and blog owners, such as a button generator to make it easy for people to subscribe to your blog feed. While there’s no magic here, it saved me a couple of minutes, and every minute counts. The button below will subscribe you to the Atom feed for my blog:

Subscribe with Bloglines

And the next button subscribes you to the RSS2 version of my blog feed. Pick your poison, or neither.

Subscribe with Bloglines

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