Dude, Where Are My Feeds?

By | August 31, 2008

Yesterday afternoon I went to check my RSS and Atom feeds at Bloglines, but it was no feeds for me. Just checked again and my list of feeds was still empty. But, that was in Firefox 3. All the feeds are showing in Safari. I disabled almost all my add-ons, but still no feed love.

Switching from the classic Bloglines UI to the beta of the new UI fixed the problem in Firefox. I should have switched over sooner. The new look is really nice.

I hadn’t exported my feed listing in ages. I just took care of that. Cloud computing is great, but OS X’s Time Machine won’t back up that stuff for me automatically. I need to create some cron jobs to connect to my various hosted services and export data like this. Hopefully, most of them have APIs to get at this stuff so I can more easily automate the logins.

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