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Treo 600 Weaknesses

By | January 18, 2004

For my needs and tastes, the Treo 600 is a far better PDA phone than any other Palm, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, Symbian, etc. device I’ve checked out. But of course, there are still a couple things that bother me or I wish had been better implemented. Although this might look like a long list,… Read More »

More on the Treo

By | December 3, 2003

Until I get a lot better at typing on the Treo 600’s mini keyboard, I think I’ll leave most of my posting for a regular keyboard on a regular computer. I certainly won’t be writing the next War and Peace on the Treo keyboard. It is a mighty fine machine, though. The photo to the… Read More »

Treo 600 Lust Satisfied

By | December 2, 2003

I’m posting this entry from my rocking new Treo 600 cellphone/PDA/camera/email client/web browser/time consumer. I’m using the keyboard and web browser on the phone to access the standard MT interface for posting new entries.