Treo 600 Software Update

By | May 16, 2004

PalmOne updates software for Treo 600 smart phone | CNET

Late last week palmOne released another software update for the Treo 600. So far, it’s available for SprintPCS subscribers only. Either they care the most about us Sprintians, or they think that we will make good guinea pigs, and therefore they care the least about us.

The things I really care about in update 1.20:

  • More reliable audio

Hmmm, that was a really short list. I’m hoping that the PocketTunes MP3 player has fewer audio dropouts with the upgrade. I currently get dropouts every couple of songs at random.

The things I might care about in update 1.20:

  • POP3 client now in ROM (Assuming this saves memory and makes it faster)
  • Support for message priority on inbound and outbound SMS messages (I don’t get enough messages a day right now to care about sorting on priority)
  • Playback of voice memos received via PictureMail service (Assuming I run into someone else some day who uses Sprint’s PictureMail service)

My wife has the Powerbook in San Antonio and my work laptop with Windows obviously went away when I stopped working at Avaya, so I can’t check out the upgarde until my wife comes back tomorrow. It would be nice if palmOne supported a cross-platform installer so I could install it from the Linux box I am currently using, but I guess that is too much too ask for.

6 thoughts on “Treo 600 Software Update

  1. Robert

    Thanks for the tip. I may give this a shot next time Sprint provides an update, despite your ominous warning, “Quake in fear that you’ve just destroyed this very expensive bit of hardware.” : )

    I will definitely check out pilot-xfer. I currently sync my Sony Clie to Evolution, but I haven’t tried using pilot-xfer directly. It would be nice to be able to sync/backup my Treo to my Linux box, as well as to my wife’s PowerBook.

  2. Robert

    An update on the update.

    Audio definitely seems a lot better. I listened to PocketTunes (with only one earbud in at a time, in case any highway troopers try to match this blog up to my license plate number) for almost all of the three-hour drive from Tahoe back to Oakland earlier this week. I didn’t notice a single audio dropout. This improvement alone was worth the time to install the update.

    The email client works fine, though it’s POP3 only, of course. I don’t have access to a Windows machine that is left running 24×7 right now, so I can’t really run the Business Connection software.

  3. Michael Alan Dorman

    Yeah, the “Quake in fear” bit was just my reaction to the fact that it took So Long To Finish. I kind of expected it to be quick. I suspect I’d have been much better off if I’d had something to do other than stare at it.

  4. Russ

    H’Okay, but how the hell do you sync your photos from the Treo 600 to your PC under Linux? There must be something I’m missing!


  5. Robert

    As for how to sync photos under Linux, you aren’t the only one. I haven’t figured it out either. I’ll email you if I figure it out.

    Here’s an extremely useful thread on TreoCentral related to syncing a Treo 600 on Linux, though no mention of photos. More specific info on syncing photos is here.


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