Monthly Archives: October 2007

Trick or Treat Greetings

My favorite real conversation from tonight: Child: Do you kave Kit-Kats? Me: No Child: Then I’ll take a handful of whatever. She’s lucky the broccoli was in the kitchen and not close at hand. Instead, I gave her more candy than anyone else.

5.6 in North San Jose

There was a 5.6 magnitude earthquake just north of San Jose a few minutes ago. We didn’t feel much at our house in Oakland, though the water in a water cooler sloshed softly back and forth for nearly twenty seconds. My wife’s sister in Modesto said it shook their whole house and that it was… Read More »

Up with Vinyl

An article on the comeback of vinyl records at Wired linked to from Slashdot suggests that KALX was wise to release a double 7″ compilation as one of the fundraiser gifts for donors (just a $25 add-on to one of the other packages). The 7″ was pressed by Pirates Press in San Francisco. The actual… Read More »

2007 KALX Fundraiser

KALX started their 45th anniversary fundraiser last Friday, so call early and often to donate money to the best radio station in the world. This year KALX has an even more awesome gift than usual. The temporary tattoos are very cool, but I’m talking about the double 45 RPM 7″ (for most of those of… Read More »

Trip Planning with TripIt

When I first read about TripIt, I was interested. Now that I’ve tried it, I’m totally sold on the idea. TripIt automatically builds up trip plans for you from the confirmation emails you receive when you book flights, hotel rooms, car rentals, etc. All you have to do is forward the emails to a… Read More »

Mmm… Tree Brain

In another hilarious episode of Steve Don’t Eat It, Steve cuts an orange, remotely brain shaped, sulphur shelf mushroom off a tree in his yard, chops it up, sautés it in olive oil, and chows down on its lemony chicken tasting goodness. The chopped up chunks even look a bit like chicken. Well, from a… Read More »

I Survived the Mount Diablo Challenge

Five freaking seconds. Well, technically it was 5.2 seconds, but that’s all that separated me from finishing the Mount Diablo Challenge in under one hour and ten minutes. That was my most ambitious goal I thought remotely realistic, so I’m not disappointed at all with my results. I dropped about two minutes and forty seconds… Read More »