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Have You Ever Caught Anything?

By | April 24, 2005

Saturday evening, my wife and I took our niece to see the San Jose Earthquakes play the Kansas City Wizards in a Major League Soccer match in San Jose. It was a thrilling match, with San Jose holding on for a 3-2 win. During halftime, the team mascot (someone in a ridiculous troll doll like… Read More »

World Cup Tickets

By | April 22, 2005

It looks like we’re definitely headed to Germany next summer for the World Cup. My wife had submitted a request in mid-March for tickets for the first round matches in which the US would be playing. We’re willing to go ahead and buy the tickets, even in the unlikely event that they wouldn’t qualify. Given… Read More »

Football Badgers

By | June 30, 2004

If you’re a fan of the English national soccer/football team and you think badgers are cute, you simply must not resist clicking on this link. Go ahead, I won’t tell anyone you watched it.

New MLS Website Broke SocerPhone

By | April 24, 2004

Two bad things happened at the MLS website this week, at least with respect to SoccerPhone (it’s a program I wrote that you can use to hear live soccer scores over the telephone). One change is pure unadulterated evil, and the other could be good or evil depending on your aesthetics. The first pure evil… Read More »

Referees and Bad Language

By | April 3, 2004

Word Mapping [Not suitable for those with an aversion to prof*nity.] This site provides advice to current and prospective referees in the Football Association in England. As an aside, the term “soccer” that is more commonly used in the US, Canada, Australia, and a few other countries comes from an abbreviation of “association football”. Perhaps… Read More »

SoccerPhone for 2004

By | March 28, 2004

No, I’m not asking you to vote for SoccerPhone for President in 2004. I’m just letting anyone who cares know that SoccerPhone is working this year without me having to make any changes to the code. Fortunately, the people running the MLS website didn’t make any significant changes to the HTML code on the live… Read More »

San Jose Wins MLS Cup 2003!

By | November 27, 2003

The San Jose Earthquakes finished off the Chicago Fire 4-2 at MLS Cup 2003 last Sunday at the Home Depot Center in Carson, California. It’s taken me a while to post this, but I wanted to edit down some videos and have them ready to go at the same time. These are certainly heady days… Read More »

San Jose 5 – Los Angeles 2

By | November 10, 2003

In the past eight years, I’ve attended over 100 San Jose Earthquakes soccer matches. I have attended many other soccer matches and I have watched hundreds, if not thousands, of other soccer matches on TV. I have attended many baseball games and a handful of football, hockey, and basketball games. I have watched untold numbers… Read More »

SoccerPhone 0.3

By | August 17, 2003

I just uploaded the 0.3 release of SoccerPhone to the SourceForge project site. This is a minor release. The only changes I made were to accomodate recent changes to the live scores page. Unfortunately, they have been changing fundamental aspects of their HTML markup nearly every week. Sometimes I get lucky and their changes… Read More »