Have You Ever Caught Anything?

By | April 24, 2005

San Jose Earthquakes soccer ball signed by Troy Dayak

Saturday evening, my wife and I took our niece to see the San Jose Earthquakes play the Kansas City Wizards in a Major League Soccer match in San Jose. It was a thrilling match, with San Jose holding on for a 3-2 win.

During halftime, the team mascot (someone in a ridiculous troll doll like costume with metallic blue and silver hair) and some employees/volunteers(?) hurl t-shirts into the audience. Also, just before the second half starts, some of the players bring out autographed soccer balls and kick them into the stands.

After all but one of the players had kicked their autographed soccer ball into the stands, my niece turned to me and said “Have you ever caught anything at a game?” At that very moment, Troy Dayak booted a ball into our section. It skipped off the tops of the hands of the people two rows in front of me and landed directly in my hands. I sat back down, turned to her, and said, “Yes.”

Alexi and Nicholas were very happy when I brought the ball home for them. Nicholas is quite obviously dreaming of scoring against the dog team with a bicycle kick.

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