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Fedora Core 2 Upgrade

By | November 13, 2004

It seems like only a few months ago (August 22nd, to be exact) that I upgraded my Linux install from Fedora Core 1 to Core 2. Now, Fedora Core 3 is already out. For now, I’m going to leave FC2 on the desktop PC, but I will put FC 3 on my new laptop. Anyway,… Read More »

Did I Really Need Another Computer?

By | October 20, 2004

I just noticed an article on Ars Technica about a $750 discount on Dell Inspiron laptops priced at $1500 or more. Fortunately, I saw a notice about the sale in the RSS feed for More Stuff 4 Less Bargain Blog Monday. I also spotted it at The sale started at 4 a.m. Pacific Tuesday… Read More »

Unreal Tournament 2004

By | July 5, 2004

I ended up enjoying the UT2004 demo so much, I bought the full version. Having now installed it and played through a couple of the new maps, I can confirm that UT2004 is totally worth it. Install Tips for Linux Video Driver – Make sure you have a fairly new, if not the newest, version… Read More »

Skype on Linux

By | June 26, 2004

Ever since I posted about Skype and my desire for Skyper Limited to release a Linux client, I have averaged about six hits a day from people searching on some search engine for some variant of “skype+linux” and clicking through to my site. Sorry I didn’t have much insight to offer back then. However, Skyper… Read More »

eBIG Show

By | May 27, 2004

I saw quite a few cool things today at the eBIG FutureTech and Gadget Show. My friend Ed from TeleVoce was there showing off a prototype of the TeleVoce Duetto. The Duetto is a special cordless phone that can take both VoIP calls through a connected computer and regular PSTN calls. One cool feature of… Read More »

Unreal Tournament 2004 Demo

By | April 3, 2004

Over the last few years, I’ve generally found that my interest in a specific video game rarely lasts longer than the amount of gameplay that is made available through the free demo. The upside of this is that now I don’t pay for games that I end up playing only a couple times. I have… Read More »

Rhythmbox Reloaded

By | March 10, 2004

In a previous post, I described how I found xinf to be a better music player and library for Linux than Rhythmbox, a.k.a., Music Player. Rhythmbox was included on my Fedora install CDs, so I thought I would give it another chance. The short summary is that it is now my primary music player and… Read More »

Zultys LIPZ4 IP Soft Phone for Linux

By | January 26, 2004

When I first read at work about the free Zultys IP Soft phone for Linux (in Internet Telephony?), I decided I needed to check it out. Then when I saw another mention of it in Voxilla’s RSS feed while I was sitting at my Linux box tonight, I decided it was time to give it a try. If I can get a SIP-based soft phone running on Linux, I will be a lot less interested in trying to figure out how to get Skype running on Linux.

Sony Clie and Evolution on Linux

By | January 23, 2004

Ever since I got the Treo 600, I’ve been neglecting my Sony Clie T615C, a very nice PDA that runs Palm OS 4.1. A few months ago, I spent way too many hours trying to figure out how to sync the Clie to Evolution on Red Hat 9 Linux. I updated to new versions of… Read More »

Hello NETGEAR, Goodbye Linksys

By | December 28, 2003

I set up a NetGear WGR614 wireless router (802.11 b and g) on my home network yesterday. So far, things have gone very smoothly. The biggest problem was reacquiring valid IP addresses on the Mac, Linux, and Windows boxes. I previously used a Linksys BEFSR41 as a router and a DHCP server. It uses a… Read More »