Sony Clie and Evolution on Linux

By | January 23, 2004

Ever since I got the Treo 600, I’ve been neglecting my Sony Clie T615C, a very nice PDA that runs Palm OS 4.1. A few months ago, I spent way too many hours trying to figure out how to sync the Clie to Evolution on Red Hat 9 Linux. I updated to new versions of Evolution and the gnome-pilot software and I followed instructions on other people’s website, but no joy was to be had. So, the Clie has been sitting dormant in its cradle for many weeks.

Yesterday I was reading through the January 2004 Red Hat newsletter and saw a section on tips for Open Office. That led me to a tip by Richard Keech on getting a colored shell prompt, which led to his homepage, which finally led to his instructions for getting his
Palm device working with Red Hat Linux over USB.

Finally, the promised land. His instructions saved the day. Specifically:

#cd /dev
#ln -s ttyUSB1 pilot
#chmod 600 ttyUSB1
#chown <username>.uucp ttyUSB1

After doing the above, I was able to use Pilot Settings… in the Tools menu of Evolution to set up my Clie to sync with Evolution 1.45. Stuff like this has got to get easier before Linux can really start making inroads against Windows as a desktop OS.

4 thoughts on “Sony Clie and Evolution on Linux

  1. Chad

    Any advice for sync for the Treo 600 to Evolution? I’m considering the phone to replace an earlier Treo 180 model but not sure about the sync capabilities.

  2. Robert

    Thanks for providing the prompting I needed to get this done. I had meant to try it for months, but just never got around to it.

    Fortunately, it took less than ten minutes for me to Google up the necessary info and try it out.

    I can confirm that syncing a Treo 600 with Evolution 2.0.2 (using gnome-pilot) on Fedora Core 3 with kernel 2.6.10-1.741 works. I synced my address book, To Do list, and calendar.

    I got the necessary background info from Carsten Clasohm’s blog, but then used the simple sync-by-numbers instructions at FedoraNews. The tutorial has basically the same info as Carsten’s post, but it’s conveniently organized as a short tutorial.


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