Kohler Numi Review in NY Times

By | October 22, 2011

The competition for toilet supremacy is heating up. The NY Times has a great review of Kohler’s Numi, which opens up like a Transformer to accept your tributes. Someone should hack the opening chime to play a recording of Optimus Prime saying “No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom.” And I would love to see it do battle with Toto’s Megatron, I mean Neorest.

Kohler Numi transforming

When I first glanced at the image of the remote control, I thought the bottom left button said “Lasers”. Now, that would be freaking awesome. Whether as a laser light show to accompany the event or as a modern alternative to the incineration of your contributions, I’m all for it. And surely a couple frickin’ lasers would come in handy when kicking some Neorest butt.

Kohler Numi remote control

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