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By | December 7, 2010

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10Gen put on another excellent MongoDB conference last Friday, this time at Microsoft Research in Mountain View. Like Mongo SF, there was a good balance between intro and advanced material, as well as between 10Gen presenters and third party presenters, like myself. Registration was smooth, sessions ran on time, they made it easy on presenters, presentations were videotaped, audio was recorded with a direct feed, food was adequate (though putting squeaky bags of chips in rooms was not a good idea), 10Gen people were really helpful and the after party at Tied House was excellent.

And best of all, I talked my way out of an undeserved traffic ticket while leaving Microsoft Research. The car in front of me pulled into the street and then stopped to wait for a car to go by. I pulled up to the stop sign and stopped, since he was already in the street. When he finally pulled away, so did I. Fortunately, the cop accepted my side of the story and let me go. He was actually pretty nice about it.

Below are the slides from my presentation on Logging Application Behavior to MongoDB. If you’re interested in logging to MongoDB from Java, Python, Ruby, PHP and/or C#, I hope you’ll find them useful.

I’m currently on the agenda to present on the same topic at the January 18 San Francisco MongoDB Meetup. By then, I plan to have more detailed info on analyzing data that has been logged to MongoDB.

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