Voxify Funding Round

By | February 16, 2008

Earlier this week Voxify announced a $15 million funding round that was led by a new investor, Intel Capital. This is pretty exciting news for us, as it allows us to accelerate some internal investments that will broaden the scope of the speech applications we currently deliver.

One area we’ve been focusing on is making it possible for our customers to quickly, easily and safely make changes to the speech applications we host for them. A lot of our competitors provide basic tools for doing this with simple DTMF applications, but we haven’t yet seen anyone providing web-based tools as powerful as what we are now offering for adding announcements, changing prompts, updating recordings, adding menus, tuning grammars and changing application wide settings. There’s also a lot more we are working on in this area.

One of the challenges of providing end customer-facing hosted and managed services is that prospective customers are concerned about giving up too much control of the relationship with their customers. While they understand the incredibly compelling economic advantages of subscribing to our services, they want to stay involved and be able to manage parts of the applications themselves. This can be as simple as updating promo or seasonal messages or temporarily adding emergency messages. From the feedback I have been getting when talking to companies about the capabilities we are now offering, I think our new tools are right on the mark with regards to enabling those capabilities and a whole lot more.

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