Acrobat and Fedora Core 6 Conflict

By | November 1, 2006

If your web browser (this happened for very recent versions of Firefox and Opera for me) hangs within seconds after launching on Fedora Core 6, check in the System Monitor to see if a process called acroread is consuming virtually all the CPU cycles. Killing the process isn’t sufficient. A new acroread process will be started every time you launch the browser, presumably due to a browser plug-in. There is a solution, though:

# rpm -e acroread

Fortunately, there are plenty of other options for viewing PDFs with Linux.

3 thoughts on “Acrobat and Fedora Core 6 Conflict

  1. Robert Post author

    So far I have been pretty happy with Opera, though I still mostly use Firefox. I’m posting this comment from Opera on my desktop at home, which is still running Fedora Core 5.

    Opera definitely seems a bit snappier, especially when starting up with multiple tabs open. Then again, I’ve installed a bunch of plug-ins for Firefox, and my Opera install is pretty much just the stock install.

    I did run into one problem with Flash On Opera. While the Flash 7 plug-in for Linux wouldn’t play the videos at (a bicycling site) with Firefox or Opera, the Flash 9 beta for Linux worked with Firefox. With Opera, the videos still won’t play. Youtube isn’t working for me from Opera, either, so maybe it is just a general a general problem with embedded videos in Flash.


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