Shrimp Po-Boys

By | January 11, 2006

My favorite sandwich, and possibly my favorite meal of any kind, is a shrimp po-boy. A proper shrimp po-boy should be made with French bread dressed with shredded lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise (i.e., “dressed”) and overflowing with medium-sized, deep-fried shrimp. The bread should be a long hoagie style roll. Either a chewy roll or a soft French roll that has been pressed works for me, though my absolute favorite is bread from Desporte’s. The batter on the shrimp should have a healthy dose of black pepper to give it a nice kick.

One of my favorite spot’s in Biloxi had been Captain Morgan’s in D’Iberville, but it was wiped out by Katrina. Frotunately, Fayard’s has a meat and sandwich market in the BP service station near my Mom’s house. I had one of their shrimp po-boys when I was in Biloxi in early December, and it was absolutely fantastic. I know I should have taken a picture of it to upload, but that would have meant it would have dropped below the ideal temperature for eating. Sorry about that. Maybe next time.

4 thoughts on “Shrimp Po-Boys

  1. Tanya Jenkins

    Wonderful to know that I am NOT ALONE!!! mmmmm shrimp po boys!!! YUM! My problem is.. I am in South FREAZIN Dakota… I am from North Biloxi. which is NOW called St. Martin, Mississippi. I am gonna make a shrimp po boy tonight but it will so not be the same BECAUSE I Am not home 🙁 I Love Mah Mississippi and SHRIMP PO BOYS 😐 . lol Be Well and Happy Valentines Day 2006

  2. Roger M

    I also like them from there and there used to be a bar on rt 90 the orange orangutan that had some really good ones also. Rays Rays was also a source of good Po boy’s

  3. Robert Post author

    I’ve never heard of Orange Orangutan or Rays Rays. I do remember a place called Lil Ray’s Po Boys, though. They also made a mean shrimp po-boy.


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