Biloxi – Ocean Springs Bridge

By | December 17, 2005

I’ve finally processed all the photos from my trip to Biloxi earlier this month, so I’ll be uploading them with some background details over the next few days. The full set is already in my photo gallery. I don’t want to make it too easy for web spiders to grab all my photos, so you’ll need to edit the following URL to remove the spaces after the slashes in order to get to the images. “http:// gallery/ katrina”

Bridge with Deer Island in the background

The Biloxi – Ocean Springs bridge is amazing to see up close. It’s as if a giant tip-toed across the bridge, crushing each section one after the other. These photos are from the Biloxi end of the bridge. In the first photo, you can see Deer Island in the background. Long ago, Deer Island was probably a contiguous island. I think it was separated into multiple parts, just like Ship Island was, during Hurricane Camille. Katrina broke it up even more. In the second photo, you can see more clearly how each section was not only broken loose from the other sections, but also pushed northward partially off of the supports.

Near the Biloxi end of the bridge

2 thoughts on “Biloxi – Ocean Springs Bridge

  1. Mark

    Deer Island was first split just a bit by Camille. Hurricane Elena, Labor Day 1985, grabbed the Camille gap and made a real mess of the island. There is a restoration plan in the works I’m sure site visitors can find a way to support.

    Ship Island, where Fort Massachusetts is, took a much bigger hit from Camile making two clearly separated islands. I have not been there since the late 80s but I’m led to believe the gap was greatly widened by Katrina.

    If you don’t know about Ft Massachusetts, enjoy:


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