Sandstorms in Iraq

By | May 8, 2005

While I have often heard about sandstorms in deserts, especially lately in Iraq, I’ve never seen a photo or video of one. While I can’t offer a video, here are some photos passed on by one of my relatives who is currently stationed in Iraq. Okay, now I understand why they make such a big deal over the sandstorms.

Sandstorm in Iraq
Sandstorm in Iraq close up

8 thoughts on “Sandstorms in Iraq

  1. Keevin

    I’m looking to use one of these photos in an ad for Northrop Grumman. Do you know anyway I could contact the photographer.

  2. Robert Post author

    Thanks for the link, Jordan. My cousin had written about how dark it was once they were inside the storm, but it was still really amazing to see how quickly it got pitch dark as the leading edge of the storm passed over the guy shooting the video.

  3. B Ray

    I took some of the photos that are listed here, and have others of this sandstorm when I was in Iraq at Al Asad. You can contact me and I will give you permission to use them. [email protected]


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