CVS Server on Fedora

By | May 7, 2005

After much gnashing of teeth, I got CVS running as a service on my laptop and am able to access it using the CVS client Eclipse plug-in. The key was finding this page posted, at least in part, by Glenn Robitaille. Without it, I suspect I would still be poring over the CVS and xinetd documentation. One change I had to make that I didn’t see listed on the page was to change the owner of /usr/bin/cvs to the cvs user.

I was surprised how difficult it was to setup CVS. I think I’m already beginning to learn why people dislike CVS so much. With this rite of passage complete, next up on my source code control system investigation is Subversion with Subclipse.

4 thoughts on “CVS Server on Fedora

  1. Shiju V.Joseph


    i was trying to install CVS on fedora c5,so accidently stumbled on ur post..
    so it is now my turn to make it up and running on my feodra 5 machine


  2. Roger Williamson

    The link that your article provided has several mySQL errors, and does not appear to be a usable webpage.

  3. Robert

    You’re right. Sugoi’s server seems pretty messed up. That’s too bad, as that page had a lot of useful info.

  4. Anonymous

    sugoi could you fix your web page such that I could get the information of how to install cvs in FC5?


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