By | July 26, 2004

My wife and I joined some relatives for dinner tonight in San Francisco at Crustacean, the alleged birthplace of fusion cuisine in the US. Although the garlic noodles don’t exactly qualify as fusion fare, they were quite possibly the best noodles I’ve ever had. I also had the Asian crab cake, which was a very dense, almost ball-shaped cake of Dungeness crab, pork and vermicelli.

Crustacean was good, but our favorite Vietnamese restaurant remains Le Colonial, though I’ve heard that they have had a head chef change since the last time we were there, and that the food isn’t quite as good anymore. Well, I’m sure the interior is still stunning. Le Colonial is definitely worth a visit, even if just for drinks.

2 thoughts on “Crustacean

  1. Robert

    I’ve still yet to go to The Slanted Door, but from everything I’ve heard and read, it would almost certainly become my new favorite Vietnamese restaurant. Must … have … shaking … beef.


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