Movable Type Install Instructions

By | January 3, 2004

If you need to install Movable Type on a DreamHost shared server, you might find my installation notes to be of use. They might even be helpful if you don’t use DreamHost, but no promises. The web page for my notes currently comes up fifth when you google on “install movable type”. It’s a mystery to me.

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  2. Richard Berger


    Hey there. As you may recall (or not, depending on your memory of what I have sent and my memory of same), I wanted to get notified when people comment on my blog. Obviously, this is a theoretical exercise, as no one comments on my blog – as there is nothing really interesting on which to comment. But, like good computer geeks, let’s ignore all that.

    As my blog (MT 2.6.4) lives on an NT system, and I am NOT running IIS, I was going to use Apache James as a mail server. But then I thought – wait, why don’t I just use my ISP’s (comcast) – SMTP server. It’s not like the volume of email would be very high.

    So, I changed my mt.cfg to specify smtp and changed the SMTPServer to point at (which is what my Outlook account users), remembered to install the Mail::Sendmail module, and ran mt.cgi.

    Tried the basic “Notification on New Entry” – and didn’t receive any email notification. (I also downloaded something to get email notifications on comments, but I figured I would try and debug the simpler case).

    Any thoughts? I don’t see any error messages, but I am probably not looking in the right places. Is this likely a configuration error or am I trying to do something impossible.

    Thanks much!

    PS – I hope YOU have set up the email ntoification on comments so that you see this 🙂 .


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