Speaking at MongoDB SF 2013

By | March 29, 2013

I’m very excited that my talk proposal “Geo Searches for Healthcare Pricing Data” was accepted for MongoDB SF 2013. I’ll be speaking at 11:55 am on May 10th in the Palace Hotel Gold Ballroom about why I chose to deploy MongoDB at Castlight Health to serve large amounts of healthcare pricing data with very low… Read More »

Book Review – Lean In

By | March 21, 2013

After finishing Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new book Lean In, I was surprised by the disconnect with some of the early criticism I had read. I actually thought Sandberg wrote a lot about her personal life and greatly appreciated her experience and co-workers at Google. She also clearly admitted she is in a place of… Read More »

CompressedOops and 32 GB Heaps

By | April 7, 2012

At work we have a Java-based service that caches a very large amount of data. I spend a lot of time optimizing performance and memory usage for this service. The amount of memory it uses at runtime to cache a sufficient amount of data for performance reasons is now reaching the the 32 GB boundary.… Read More »

Changes to long_query_time Not Changing

By | March 6, 2012

At work today I ran into a new reason for not keeping open MySQL connections for a long time. It involves dynamic session variables like long_query_time. I wanted to capture a couple of hours worth of all queries in the slow query log so I could analyze them with pt-query-digest from the excellent Percona Toolkit.… Read More »


By | January 30, 2012

Whenever I’m looking for a drink recipe, I first seek out my trusty Mixology pamphlet, courtesy of the Southern Comfort Corporation, ca. 1974. What better source could there be for cocktail recipes than a pamphlet that mixes astrology with photos of swinging dudes in gaudy polyester leisure suits accompanied by the smiling Stepford wives. Sure,… Read More »

Kohler Numi Review in NY Times

By | October 22, 2011

The competition for toilet supremacy is heating up. The NY Times has a great review of Kohler’s Numi, which opens up like a Transformer to accept your tributes. Someone should hack the opening chime to play a recording of Optimus Prime saying “No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom.” And I would love to see… Read More »

Streaming ResultSets with the MySQL JDBC Driver

By | June 3, 2011

When you use the MySQL JDBC driver to select rows from a table, the connection will block until the entire ResultSet has been pulled over to the client. In most cases this makes sense, especially if the server is on a different host. Retrieving the entire ResultSet will minimize the number of TCP packets that… Read More »

O’Reilly Media Wishlist

By | February 10, 2011

Programming Scala The Ruby Programming Language Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition Data Mashups in R Great R: Level 1 Hands-on Cassandra JavaScript: The Good Parts Complete Web Monitoring Scaling MongoDB

How to Avoid Replicating Statements in MySQL

By | December 29, 2010

If a replication slave gets out of sync with the master, you can bring them back in sync by running statements that don’t execute on every server in the replication chain. There are sane and insane ways to do this. The right way is to execute SET SESSION sql_log_bin=0; on your current connection before running… Read More »