Kohler Numi Review in NY Times

The competition for toilet supremacy is heating up. The NY Times has a great review of Kohler’s Numi, which opens up like a Transformer to accept your tributes. Someone should hack the opening chime to play a recording of Optimus Prime saying “No sacrifice is too great in the service of freedom.” And I would love to see… Read More »

Streaming ResultSets with the MySQL JDBC Driver

When you use the MySQL JDBC driver to select rows from a table, the connection will block until the entire ResultSet has been pulled over to the client. In most cases this makes sense, especially if the server is on a different host. Retrieving the entire ResultSet will minimize the number of TCP packets that… Read More »

O’Reilly Media Wishlist

Programming Scala The Ruby Programming Language Hadoop: The Definitive Guide, Second Edition Data Mashups in R Great R: Level 1 Hands-on Cassandra JavaScript: The Good Parts Complete Web Monitoring Scaling MongoDB

How to Avoid Replicating Statements in MySQL

If a replication slave gets out of sync with the master, you can bring them back in sync by running statements that don’t execute on every server in the replication chain. There are sane and insane ways to do this. The right way is to execute SET SESSION sql_log_bin=0; on your current connection before running… Read More »

Mongo SV 2010

10Gen put on another excellent MongoDB conference last Friday, this time at Microsoft Research in Mountain View. Like Mongo SF, there was a good balance between intro and advanced material, as well as between 10Gen presenters and third party presenters, like myself. Registration was smooth, sessions ran on time, they made it easy on presenters,… Read More »

Snail Mail 419 Scam

While it was tempting to write this post in all caps, that would cause me too much pain. Yesterday I received my first ever 419-style spam/scam by US Postal mail. It was actually posted from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, with a cool rhino stamp that cost somebody 800 Tanzanian shillings, which is currently about 55… Read More »

Speaking at Mongo SV 2010

I’ve very excited to be speaking on Logging Application Behavior to MongoDB at Mongo SV 2010 in Mountain View on December 3rd. Interest in the conference has soared and 10Gen is now expecting 500 attendees. Just a week ago, they were at 300 attendees. They had to add a fourth track of talks to handle… Read More »

MySQL Foreign Key Constraint Error 150

Like a lot of software tools, MySQL error messages are sometimes not very precise, and sometimes not even that accurate. Last night during a database schema update, we ran into an issue creating a table with a foreign key constraint. Our tests had run successfully on several other MySQL 5.0 and 5.1 systems, so I… Read More »

OS X Sound Won’t Unmute

This morning I had a strange problem where sound stopped working on my MacBook Pro running 10.6. The speaker icon in the menu bar was grayed out and the image brought up when pressing the volume up and down controls indicated that sound was muted. Bringing up the Sound control panel in System Preferences didn’t… Read More »

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