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By | May 12, 2013

My presentation at MongoDB Days SF on Friday went very well, though I got to the last slide of my 40-minute talk in just 30 minutes. Hopefully, I didn’t speak too fast for a lot of people. Fortunately, I remembered at the end that I had also wanted to talk about how I saved space by omitting keys with a very common default value. While that required adding a very small amount of app logic to fill in default values for missing keys, it enabled me to save quite a few bytes per document. Every byte counts when you are storing 600+ million documents.

The extra time at the end of my talk was also nicely filled in by a lot of good questions. I ended up having to rush off the stage for the next talk.

It was also cool that I was speaking to about 100 or so people in the Gold Room at the beautiful Palace Hotel. The Castlight Xmas party was in the same room two years ago.

As always, 10gen put on another excellent show. Meghan and her team are awesome. I’ve attended several of these events and they get better each time.

Here are the slides I presented:

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