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Al Gore, Gore-Tex, movie full-o-gore? Nope. I’m talking about what regularly happens during the running of the bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Do not, I repeat, do not, click on the link below if you are even remotely squeamish. Of course, how can you not click on it, now? Just don’t blame me. Or tell my… Read More »

April Showers Bring, …, Mice?

The winter of 2004-2005 brought a deluge of rain to the Bay area. Heavy rains will cause underground mice tunnels to flood and collapse. While I was away on vacation for about 9 days during the heavy rains that winter, some of the neighborhood mice decided to take up residence in the engine compartment of… Read More »

Tasmanian Devils and Cancer

New Scientist recently ran an article on an unusual infectious cancer that has killed one third of the wild population of Tasmanian Devils. I took this picture of a Tasmanian Devil at the Tasmanian Devil Park and Wildlife Rescue Center in Taranna in Tasmania, Australia. Several of the Devils there had terrible facial scars along… Read More »

Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

And in a needed break from the mostly depressing hurricane news, I bring you news (though many of you likely are ahead of me on this) of The Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. So far, Intelligent Design proponents have put forth an extremely narrow, dogmatic proposal on how the universe must have come about… Read More »

Huitlacoche Hailed as Heavenly

The Good Morning Silicon Valley newsletter led me to a fine bit of unusual food sampling and review at The Sneeze, part of a hilarious series of culinary experimentation from Steve, Don’t Eat It (highly recommended for the not easily offended). Ah, this was a blog post I would have been proud to have written… Read More »

White Numbers on Red

If you don’t live in California or you’ve never lived here, this post may not be very meaningful to you. Then again, maybe your State does something similar. For a long time, I’ve wondered what was the meaning behind the stickers I would often see in the rear windows of cars, typically in the upper… Read More »

Sandstorms in Iraq

While I have often heard about sandstorms in deserts, especially lately in Iraq, I’ve never seen a photo or video of one. While I can’t offer a video, here are some photos passed on by one of my relatives who is currently stationed in Iraq. Okay, now I understand why they make such a big… Read More »

Presidential Mullet

The top Presidential mullet of all time has to be the thing that appears to be attacking the back of James K. Polk’s neck. Clearly a trendsetter, Polk made the move for the mullet about 150 years before it became the hot style of the 1970’s. Polk’s many other amazing feats included, …, uh, being… Read More »

Schoolhouse Physics Rock

It’s not exactly Schoolhouse Rock, okay, it’s not remotely as snappy as Conjunction Junction, but there’s something you gotta like about the Singing Physics Professor. Listen to his off key, falsetto, baritone voice accompanied by baritone ukele in an interview on Many more songs are available at his website. I don’t know about you,… Read More »