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IndyMedia PhoneBlogging in Australia

By | August 5, 2003

[via Audioblog/Mobileblogging News via Smart Mobs] IndyMedia in Melbourne, Australia, recently announced PIMP, the Phone IndyMedia Patch system, as an automated system for anyone with a telephone to submit live reports to Indymedia. The first use of PIMP was to report on a demonstration. This is exactly what I imagined early on as a great… Read More »

AOL Blog By Phone

By | July 13, 2003

‘AOL Journals’ To Bring Blogs To Millions ( AOL will give members three ways to update their blogs — through an online template with blank boxes for text input, through AOL’s instant-messaging system or by telephone. The phone option will be available only to subscribers to the extra-cost “AOL by Phone” service, who will be… Read More »

PhoneBlogger Documentation Update

By | June 2, 2003

While helping someone else setup their own install of PhoneBlogger, I realized that I had never gotten around to publishing much installation documentation on my website. The previous publicly available documentation was very sparse, as in the sense of providing virtually no clue as to how to install the dang thing. Well, I have mostly… Read More »

Transcription Portlet

By | May 13, 2003

alphaWorks : Transcription Portlet Transcription Portlet is a voice portlet for transcribing telephony-based dictation. This technology makes large-vocabulary speech recognition technology available to telephony-based portal applications (portlets). It provides Java APIs through which developers can integrate transcription capabilities into a portlet application. Oh, I could certainly use one of those. Unfortunately, it requires WebSphere Voice… Read More »

Presence Info and Open Source Speech Reco

By | April 24, 2003

Sun tackles privacy, speech recognition | CNET Both parts of this announcement are very interesting. While presence awareness software from Sun is not that surprising (they already have an instant messaging server and an identity management server), I’m surprised to see them getting involved in speech recognition. Although the article doesn’t mention it, I… Read More »

TellMe Extensions Is No More

By | April 3, 2003

Bad news for my free, public SoccerPhone service, which ran as a TellMe Extension. I received the following email from TellMe today: VoiceXML Developer, Tellme has made many investments in VoiceXML over the past four years. One of these investments was in the Extensions program, with the goal of making VoiceXML a more utilized public… Read More »

PhoneBlogger Initial Code Release

By | March 19, 2003

I released the first version of the PhoneBlogger source code last Monday on the PhoneBlogger SourceForge project site. As with SoccerPhone, I released it under the GNU GPL. I haven’t changed much of the code since January, as I have been working on a couple other projects. I’ll probably start working on PhoneBlogger again in… Read More »