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Pix From SRL in Berkeley

By | November 12, 2003

Survival Research Labs performed a brief show starting a little before 8 pm Wednesday night in the courtyard of the Berkeley Art Museum. The performance was part of a CIMAM (International Committee of ICOM (The International Council of Museums) for Museums and Collections of Modern Art) conference. Below are a couple photos I took before,… Read More »

Survival Research Labs in Berkeley

By | November 12, 2003

If things go smoothly, I’ll be using PhoneBlogger later tonight to post from a Survival Research Labs performance in Berkeley. I’m just hoping the sound from the V1 rocket engine doesn’t blow out the circuitry on my cellphone, much less my ears.

Judith Scott and Creative Growth

By | November 7, 2003

[via Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things] Judith is just one, albeit the most famous, of many talented artists with physical, developmental, or emotional disabilities who work at the Creative Growth Art Center in Oakland. Sandra and I donate money to Creative Growth every year and we have purchased several very nice works of… Read More »

Join the Bright Club

By | July 13, 2003

The Bright Stuff by Daniel Dennett It’s nice to read an opinion piece every now and then that you can completely identify with. Daniel Dennett’s recent NY Times piece on having a naturalist world view really struck home for me. Dennett’s name was a familiar one from philosophy courses I took long ago, particularly one… Read More »

More Rice

By | December 19, 2002

The semi-annual letter from Rice president Malcolm Gillis just showed up in my mailbox. The letter isn’t published to the Rice website, yet, but click on alumni letters on the Office of the President’s page if you care to see old alumni letters and eventually, the fall 2002 letter. In addition to pointing out the… Read More »

Seventeen Thinks Rice Is Cool

By | December 13, 2002

Ed Felten is excited that Princeton ranked #22 on Seventeen Magazine’s list of 100 Coolest Colleges. I was quite surprised to find my alma mater, Rice University, ranked #1. Rice is a fantastic school and I had an incredible experience there, but the first item on Seventeen’s list of desirable qualities “From frat parties to… Read More »