MySQL Conference 2010

By | April 18, 2010

This year’s MySQL Conference was once again jam packed with very technical presentations. Best of all was the news about all the performance and feature enhancements in MySQL 5.5. The benchmark results for the performance improvements were very impressive. After attending this year’s conference, I’m more confident about MySQL’s future than I’ve been for a very long time. I’ll post my notes from the three days I attended.

It was also a great time to meet up with the friends I’ve made in the MySQL community over the last few years. Some other open source communities have a really poisonous atmosphere of spending a lot of time attacking competing open source products. Fortunately, I see very little of that time-wasting crap within the MySQL community. Well, except for the occasional fork sniping, but that’s easy for me to ignore.

Update: Finally managed to post my notes from all 3 days.

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