Enjoying the Thermal Baths

By | December 17, 2008

One of the many pleasures of our September trip to Europe was the thermal baths at Szchenyi in Budapest. The building was beautiful and the number of baths was amazing. Hanging out in the enormous outside thermal pool as the steam lifted into the night skies was particularly awesome.

Here’s a photo of me enjoying the baths.

Enjoying the hot springs

Alright, alright, this wasn’t at Szchenyi. It’s in Yamanouchi, Japan (Photo by EPA at http://telegraph.co.uk). And those are macaques, but surely you recognize the resemblance.

2 thoughts on “Enjoying the Thermal Baths

  1. Elena

    soaking in hot water AND having someone pick off ticks, you do live the high life.

  2. Drunken Modestan

    It appears that you are not only enjoying a thermal bath, but an intestinal release to assist in creating a jacuzzi effect for your bath mates…. From the closed eyes and grip upon the rock, you’ve done yourself proud….


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