Do You Eat Things with Faces?

By | November 24, 2008

Happy Pork Luncheon Meat

Some of my vegetarian friends say they won’t eat anything with a face, thus allowing them to opt out of fish, but still snack on oysters and clams. Well, I will eat things with a face, but not if the face is still smiling at me. Maybe I’m crazy, but doesn’t this look like a ploy to convince kids that cannibalism is okay? Eating clowns, sure, but other kids? I don’t think that’s right.

[Via TreeHugger via Green as a Thistle]

3 thoughts on “Do You Eat Things with Faces?

  1. Elena

    Is that bologna? What ever it is, please don’t bring any to thanksgiving.

  2. Robert

    Oh, I won’t bring any that’s pre-made. I’m going to bring the constituent meat by-products and assemble clown loaf on-site. Fresh, handmade, clown loaf is always the best.

  3. Roger

    According to “deathbike” (see avatar) on flickr (photo called “meat face” which is the search term I fed Google), a store in Edinburgh calls this “Billy Clown” and says they also make one that looks like a teddy bear. Hmmm … wonder how kids expecting a graham flavor react to the taste of faux bologna? Another commenter said, “in ireland the meat face is called ‘billy roll’.” Another Irish commenter said they also “come in happy face, batman, football player and teddy bear form.”


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