Guinness + Cola = Kvas?

By | October 24, 2008
Bottles of Kvas

Bottles of Kvas

We had another huge potluck lunch at work today. I made pastalaya with chicken, andouille sausage and pork shoulder.

A Russian at work brought a few bottles of Kvas, a fermented, mildly alcoholic beverage. It tasted like a pleasant blend of Guinness beer and a carbonated cola drink. Maybe that doesn’t sound all that tasty, but it really is.

Besides the beef tenderloin, beef tongue with horseradish, falafel, hummus, pita bread, sauteed greens with garlic, ratatouille, Spanish rice, cornbread muffin, vegetarian chili and lasagna, I had two chocolate chip cookies and a cannoli. I’m waiting for my stomach to stop hurting before going back for walnut pie.

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