Biker Bailout Plan

By | October 15, 2008

The $700 billion bailout plan was amazingly extended beyond wealthy bank CEOs to include bike commuting schlubs like myself via the Bicycle Commuter Tax Provision. However, I may be out of the money because I don’t regularly use my bicycle “for a substantial portion of the travel between the employee’s residence and place of employment.” If only I liked riding in the cold, rain and dark more.

Reimbursement is limited to $20 per month for each “qualified bicycle commuting month.” Hmm, if I just stepped it up in the summer I could at least take home a couple more Jacksons. All of which I would spend on these:

Spoke POV

2 thoughts on “Biker Bailout Plan

  1. George

    Money is money, but $20/month? Sheesh, how about a little more credit for the emissions we save.

  2. Anonymous

    If you actually quantify the energy an average biker saves it would end up being much more than $20/month. But I guess it is a good start.


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