Central Europe Vacation

By | September 11, 2008

Saturday morning we leave for two weeks in Hungary, Vienna, Slovenia and Croatia. We also sneaked in a twenty-three and a half hour layover in Amsterdam on the way home. They wouldn’t let us make it more than 24 hours without charging us more.

Our niece is spending the fall semester in Budapest, so we start out there for about 5 days, probably doing a few day trips out to places like Szentendre. We spent a few days in Budapest two years ago before the World Cup and loved it, so we’re really looking forward to going back.

She’s got a great apartment in Pest near the Erzs├ębet bridge (yeah, yeah, I should either use hid or Elizabeth, not a Hungrish combination) and found a new, cool sounding B&B nearby called the Danube Guest House.

We head for Vienna on Friday, where we’ll see an Austrian Bundesliga match between Rapid Vienna play SV Reid that night. We only got to spend one day there on our World Cup trip, so another two days well be nice. I’ve been practicing my German again in anticipation. It’s nice to be able to read most of the signs and the explanations at museums in the native language, even if most everyone speaks very good English. And my chants at the soccer match will be more believable in the right accent.

Island and Castle at Lake Bled

Sunday we take a train to Bled, Slovenia. Lake Bled is a gorgeous sub-alpine lake with an island in the middle and a castle on a cliff. It’s a relatively easy walk or bike ride around the lake, you can rent rowboats to take out to the island, and they have wonderful pools and spas.

Then we’re off to Ljubljana, Slovenia, and then to Zagreb, Croatia. Unfortunately, we can’t stay in either city as long as we would like.

I took Nick to the vet yesterday and it turns out that Dr. Braun and his wife went on a similar itinerary this spring. Just how often do you find yourself getting recommendations for restaurants in Zagreb from your vet (all of my dedicated Croatian readers aside, of course)?

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